Improving the experience of and the visual design of the new customer area of a banking company

2016 - 2017


What's this about?

Bankia is one of the biggest banks in Spain with 8,2 millions of clients in 2018.

I was working in a team of several designers collaborating with the User Experience team of Bankia on improving the experience of and the visual design of the new Internet Office, the area where users can consult the state of their products, hire them, etc.

My role

I took part as Project Manager and UX Designer within a team of several designers.

What I learned in this project

This was a pure consulting project, in which I learned to manage a team and to align us with the different teams in a banking environment (other agencies, team in-house) of the client, besides of building a recurrent service for the users.

Through the integration of several designers in the User Experience team of Bankia, a work of consultancy was carried out, either for desktop and mobile in:

      • Architecture of Information

      • Interaction Design

      • Visual Design

Team meeting

Guides and Visuals