Iberia Express

Optimizing the searching and booking process for an airline company with data analysis


Iberia Express

What's this about?

The airline Iberia Express (Iberia's low-cost subsidiary) wanted to multiply its conversion through its searching and booking process, both desktop and mobile.

We carried out a benchmarking of several airlines and a heuristic test to get feedback on the current process.

As well, we analyzed the metrics the client provided to us and we did a redesign of both processes based on them with several flows and conceptual designs which we tested with guerrilla tests.

My role

I took part in the project as a Project manager, leading a team of a Service Designer and two UX/UI designers (one of them was myself)

What I learned in this project

This was a great project to learn how to manage a little project with few people in order to share out the different tasks.

In addition to it, it was a great opportunity to explore the world of data and how to understand them to create iteratively the best experience.

From the beginning we had these goals:

      • Obtain insights that help us to optimize the online purchasing process and turn it into the referent.

      • Adjust the hiring process to the mental model of the user.

      • Identify high-level insights that give coherence to the hiring process, for example, the Home and the search engine.

      • Propose interaction solutions for specific and critical elements of the hiring process (such as tables, comparisons, forms...).

Design critique about the concepts

Heuristic, Booking Flow and Concepts

Heuristic Analysis
Booking Flow
Horizontal Search concept
Booking concept