Banking company

Designing the MVP of a tool for business decision making based on selected KPI’s and geodata

The client had several tools (one for each country) for geodata analysis and KPI's showing based on a manual and silo-ed analysis that required a long-intense knowledge transfer process that collides with other daily priorities.

The goals for the project were:

  • Develop a scalable, customizable Global Application

  • Dynamic Network Management

  • Enhance the Network decision making, reducing the time within the process

  • Execution in real-time

  • The results were shown using geospatial analysis (GIS)

  • Creating functionalities focusing on Countries’ needs

  • Cut off the Operational Risk, ending with the Manual processes

  • Maintain update data in a single repository, updated by an automated process

After the initial kick-off we got down to work to face the main challenge:

How could we empower the business developers to facilitate decision-making based on empirical data?

My role

I took part in the project as a UX Designer within a team with two User Research Designers, one UX Designer (myself), and a Visual Designer.

What I learned in this project

This was a project where we should understand hard and complex concepts from the client to give to the business developers the best experience possible with a useful and practical tool. In this sense, the meetings with the client were very interesting and fruitful.

Besides, it was a great opportunity to work with data and maps as I have a Geography degree.

Due to time constraints, because the client wants to show the project as quick as possible to the big bosses, we decided to have a quick approach to the problem with several workshops and interviews to get insights quickly to develop an MVP.

Case: Banking company - Process


Case: Banking company - Journey AS IS
Journey AS IS
Case: Banking company - Journey TO BE
Journey TO BE
Case: Banking company - Map of actors
Map of actors
Case: Banking company - Final votation
Final votation


Case: Banking company - Wireframe Dashboard
Case: Banking company - Flow
Case: Banking company - Visual Dashboard
Case: Banking company - Visual Map

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