Hi there!

I'm Jaime and I'm just another human being and sometimes a Digital Product Designer

Jaime Canales en furgoneta

My name is Jaime Canales and I'm a Spanish UX and Product Designer who enjoys helping people to get nice and functional results for digital products with UX stuff.

I've been involved with user experience since 2002, working closely with all kinds of teams, either as a freelancer or with permanent ongoing contracts at in-house and agency studios. I’ve worked on multiple projects like e-commerce sites, corporate sites, specific tools, intranets, dashboards, specification and interaction guides, apps, etc.

I'm always willing to listen to every story behind a human being. Please, if you want to talk, a coaching session or just to have a cup of coffee (or tea), you can just contact me via my LinkedIn profile, take a look at my Toptal profile, or write me at my Email.

You can also take a look at some of my works.