About me

I'm just a human being, and sometimes a Digital Product Designer


I'm Jaime Canales, a Digital Product Designer based in Spain, currently working at Sngular, mentoring at ADPList and freelancing at Toptal.  

Despite my academic background in Geography, my professional journey has been deeply immersed in the world of Usability, UX and Digital Product Design, for over two decades. I have contributed significantly to various digital projects across diverse industries. My experience extends from independent consultancy to key roles in both in-house and agency studios.

My competencies include prototyping, wireframing, visual design, facilitating workshops, user research, heuristics analysis, usability testing, design systems, operations, product management, and team leadership. Proficient in tools like Figma, Sketch, Penpot, Miro, Jira, Google Analytics, Amplitude, IA (like ChatGPT), etc.

I've played pivotal roles in crafting e-commerce sites, banking tools, cybersecurity apps, and more. I also find joy in mentoring junior designers, sharing knowledge, and cultivating a passion for design within teams.

Away from design, you might catch me playing the guitar (badly), having a beer during a rugby match, or immersed in a book listening a bit of country music. My last adventure is teaching Spanish to individuals of all levels.

I'm a product lover, so, I strongly believe in a process to get and deliver nice, useful and accurate products: