Adeslas Salud y Bienestar

Creating a tool to increase the habits of healthy living with services and information endorsed by doctors and specialists

2017 - 2018

What's this about?

Adeslas Segur Caixa is one of the most important insurances companies in Spain. They wanted to develop a tool for improving the health and the wellness of its clients.

I participated in the process of UX conceptualization and the definition of the UI, working from the information architecture, prototypes, wireframes, user experience, interactions... up to the totality of the designs.

The objective was to redesign the platform in its entirety to provide a multitude of solutions in all areas, turning it into a dynamic platform, attractive and usable.

My role

I worked as Project Manager during several steps of the project, and as a UX Designer as well.

What I learned in this project

It was a great project to dive into the health and wellness world with several forms, services, etc. The project required to understand the business goals to increase the habits of healthy living and the expectations of the users, besides of translating the language of the doctors to something understandable to the users, being honest and trustful.

We elaborated the first draft of information architecture with all the requirements that the client needed. From the validation of that architecture we proposed a work process in design sprints with three main phases:

Through iterative validation processes with the client and working with the development team, we were able to design a first version that was launched internally to 1300 users, achieving an average rating of 8.6 out of 10 and achieving a daily recurrence of 30% among them.

Based on the initial success, we helped the client to propose, conceptualize and design new health plans associated with chronic pathologies, as well as new features such as online doctor's office, blog, etc, to create a true health prevention application with an integrated approach.

After this first phase, we began a second phase where we participated in the process of iterative improvements of the platform by carrying out actions that included: