Cybersecurity company

Defining and designing different tools for a global cybersecurity company

2020 - 2021

What's this about?

The Cyber Security company has several services and tools for their customers and analysts with different layouts, user experiences and functionalities. The main goal was to bring together all the services for a unified and consistent experience throughout all the services. 

The main goals were:

My role

I took part in the project as a Senior Product Designer.

What I learned in this project

I had to struggle to understand the different teams plenty of different profiles, the different projects and tools, how the hell every tool worked, confusing documentation, complex flows, new kinds of interactions, new vocabulary… during a pandemic… but, little by little, I could get how the Cyber Security worked. 

The main phases were:

The first step was creating the global Information Architecture and wireframing the new unified dashboards for all the services, taking into account the particularities of each one of them, working with the different PMs, from the concept to the final design.

With Lookback and Miro, we carried out several user tests, testing the wireframes of the dashboards with internal users to validate their understanding and iterating to improve the concepts with the insights we got.

With the insights we got with the user tests, we defined the final version of the service dashboards. All the services shared some features and modules like case management, the services’ menu, etc. We defined them with all the stakeholders of the different services taking into account the different profile users and possible views.

We started working on two tracks (2 services per track), defining each service in depth collaborating with the different services teams, including PMs, POs and the development team. For each service we validated the information architecture, the stages, the different flows, the information that has to be included and the final design with a showcase (using the new Design System).

First dashboard wirerames

Remote user tests with Lookback

Results of user tests

First visuals

Final visuals