KPMG Impulsa

Defining the new web and the contract flow for a platform for management focused on freelance and small business

2017 - 2018

What's this about?

KPMG Impulsa is a management, accounting and invoicing service designed for the self-employed and small businesses in Spain.

The client wanted to understand the low lead generation of the responsive web of its product and develop a new website that helps to reach their goals.

My role

I took part in the project as Project Manager and UX Designer, leading a team of one User Research Designer, two UX Designers, a Visual Designer, and a Front-end Developer.

What I learned in this project

This was an interesting project to evangelize and teach a big client the advantages of putting the user in the center aligned with the business goals.

Besides, it was a 360 project, where we were able to carry it out from the concept, through the pixel, to the code, being a great opportunity to learn how to manage it and how to build a great collaborative team.

After finding out the goal of the project, we proposed a series of steps divided into two main stages to find out what was going on and to make effective improvements.

Case: KPMG Impulsa - User tests
User tests

FIRST STAGE | Research

SECOND STAGE | Concepts and Design

During the first step, we carried out a benchmarking of different websites related to the client business. We analyzed the client's website with a heuristic analysis to discover what was going on and complemented with a UX test where we discovered some interesting insights about the website and the business.

We discovered that there was two main focus on the website: the information and the transactional place to contract the product.

With all the information we put the Managing core as the value proposal and designed three concept quick wins that covered three important steps during the process.

Besides, we encouraged the client to upgrade all the content they generated (for example, its blog) related to the business to get leads.

During the second step we carried out a workshop with the client to present the results of the previous stage and conceptualize a new approach with three main goals:

We developed the mood board that the new website should have. We made also a new approach to the Information Architecture and began to wireframing the first sketches to align with the results of the previous workshop. After that, we presented the first designs :)

After the validation with the client and testing the visuals, either for desktop and for mobile, our final delivery was a complete and functional HTML.


Case: KPMG Impulsa - Heuristic Analisys
Heuristic Analisys
From facts to proposals


Case: KPMG Impulsa - Flows and Scenaries
Case: KPMG Impulsa - Flows and Scenaries
Case: KPMG Impulsa - Flows and Scenaries
Case: KPMG Impulsa - Flows and Scenaries
Case: KPMG Impulsa - Wireframe Home
Case: KPMG Impulsa - Visual Home