Orange Spain

Redesigning and transforming the browsing experience on desktop for a telco company


What's this about?

Orange has a website with a large amount of information. We faced the challenge of redesigning the web focusing on the optimization of the architecture adapted to different types of user. In addition to this, from Orange we transmitted the need for communication of its convergent offer LOVE, reducing the time of contracting.

We met with users to understand their models through the dynamics of the structuring of the mental content and generative research sessions. Once the users' mental model was understood, we designed a website with a browsing experience and improved conversion.

My role

I took part in the project as Project Manager during the final steps of the project. During the rest of the project, I participated as a UX Designer, part of a team of two UX Designers, two Research Designers and two Visuals Designers.

What I learned in this project

During this project, we had to learn how to cope with a large and diverse amount of information about products and services and how to match them with the mental model of users via research, workshops, etc. 

Orange had internally detected certain barriers in its web on the desktop version and aimed to redesign and transform the browsing experience in this device ensuring consistency with the mobile model already validated.

Therefore, it was necessary to have an impact on:

We carried out a benchmarking, a heuristic evaluation and a card sorting. Besides, we did a series of user tests and co-creation workshops to achieve the goals.

Based on the insights we discovered, we designed a new architecture and a prototype.

Research and workshops

Empathy map
Card Sorting
Cocreation workshop

AI, Concepts, Wireframes and Designs

With the information gathered on the previous stage, we defined several user moments, divided between clients and no clients. Depending on the kind of visit of the user (first or next ones) and the user interests, it would be shown one information or another. We develop a co-design session with three moments depending on the emotion we want to share with the client.

New Information architecture and Key points
First free concepts